GPS Log Book

Plug, Drive, Claim

Tiger Wheel & Tyre offers an alternative way of keeping a log book!

About GPS Log Book:

The GPS Log Book is an easy to use, plug in device that tracks your vehicle mileage. The device plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket and immediately starts recording the time, location and speed of your vehicle. Once the device is connected to a computer, the logged data is uploaded, allowing you to view your trips, locations and generate useful and informative reports.

Key features include:
  • No cables, plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket
  • Ability to charge other USB devices at the same time the GPS Log Book is in use
  • High sensitivity GPS and intelligent logging software
  • Large logging memory (3.6) MB on the device
  • LED light to indicate status of the device
  • The web interface uses Google Maps, ensuring the most recent maps are used
  • Data is available electronically on the system for more than 5 years
  • Trips can be categorised on the system as either personal or business
  • Several GPS Log Books can be managed from one account
Benefits include:
  • Tax claims. The GPS Log Book is SARS compliant, enabling you to generate a tax log book
  • Expense claims. Claim your travel expenses the easy way and without the hassle. No pen and paper needed!
  • Fleet management. Manage your sales force and staff driving activity
How to get a GPS Log Book:

GPS Log Books are available at Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores nationwide. Visit the store locator to find a store near you.