On the concrete roads or off the rough and beaten track, your car's ability to handle straight lines, sharp turns and raised surfaces rests on its tyres. Goodyear is a brand that has designed a variety of products to handle just about any terrain. In fact, this manufacturer produces to such a high standard, that it's the most recognised and successful supplier in F1 racing history.

Keeping you on the road, every year

Established in 1898, Goodyear has been behind innovative tyre engineering for decades. The brand is famous for its role in F1, and also produces remarkable products for everyday vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs and pickup trucks. Today it's one of the world's most popular manufacturers and continues to develop ground-breaking tyres for a variety of applications. 

Tiger Wheel and Tyre has a range of Goodyear products, including those made specifically for:

Passenger vehicles - Your everyday car needs to maintain a reliable grip on the road. Goodyear passenger tyres deliver the right amount of traction, and increased performance, making each journey a pleasure, whether the tarmac is wet or dry.

4x4s - If you're a bundu basher, you probably understand just how much your tyres take a beating every time you go off road. Fortunately, Goodyear has off-roading products that are built to help you conquer slippery surfaces and rocky ground alike.

Getting to grips with the road

No matter what car you drive, we have premium tyres just for you. As the name of the brand suggests, these products will give you good years of extended service life.

Browse our selection of Goodyear tyres and get the right ones for your car.

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