ATLASBX 622 EFT Start-Stop Car Battery (LH)

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ATLASBX 622 EFT Start-Stop Car Battery (LH)

Online Exclusive Pricing

Product Information

Affordable 622 car batteries built for higher performance and reliability.

ATLASBX car battery dealers across Southern Africa. Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFT) for larger start-stop cars, hybrids and entry-level start-stop functionality. Ideal for stop-start vehicles that are heavily equipped with electronic devices. EFT technology provides enhanced starting power for standard vehicles, allowing a longer battery lifespan of recovering from deep discharges than standard lead acid batteries.

Main benefits:

  • Extra power and reliability;
  • Three times longer idling stop life cycle;
  • Starting power 115% up;
  • carbon Plus Tech: excellent corrosion resistance;
  • Calcium+;
  • High Durability Place Tech;
  • Reinforced X-Frame Grid.