Vehicle start-stop technology – which automatically shuts down and restarts the engine after coming to a complete stop – is going a long way toward reducing idling time and therefore fuel consumption and noxious emissions, but it requires a robust battery to deliver on this potential. So says TiAuto Brands, the sole Southern African distributor of ATLASBX automotive batteries.

“The increased starting and electrical demands made upon the battery, alternator and starter in start-stop systems has resulted in exponential gains in the technological advancement of these components,” said Louis Joubert of TiAuto. “In the ATLASBX stable there are two distinct products designed to withstand the severe driving demands of start-stop vehicles and deliver enhanced durability and charge acceptance – the ATLASBX AGM and EFB batteries for start-stop vehicles.”

Start Stop+ with AGM Technology
The brand’s “Start Stop+ with AGM Technology” product line caters for high-end stop-start vehicles with regenerative braking systems and which are heavily equipped with electronic devices.

These sealed, maintenance-free AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries deliver a four-times longer idling stop life cycle, and an increase of 130% in starting power and 150% in charge acceptance, over conventional batteries. In addition the batteries have a reinforced case design that yields optimal safety when the battery is installed in the passenger compartment, and meet OE quality and performance specifications.

Start Stop with EFB Technology
ATLASBX’s “Start Stop with EFB Technology” batteries are perfectly poised to meet the less rigorous demands of stop-start vehicles not equipped with regenerative braking systems, but which are nevertheless heavily equipped with electronic devices.

EFB (enhanced flooded battery) technology offers several key benefits over conventional batteries, including reliable starting, superior cycling ability and a longer lifespan. These sealed maintenance-free batteries offer a three-times longer idling stop life cycle, and increases of 130% in charge acceptance and 115% in starting power, over conventional batteries, and meet VDA (German manufacturing) standards.

In addition to these products, ATLASBX offers its “Auxiliary Battery with AGM Technology” as a back-up for hybrid electric vehicles and for back-up utility.

“Increasingly stringent, international environmental regulations are driving the inclusion of start-stop technology in a growing number of vehicles. In concert with this, we are experiencing increased demand from our dealer network for batteries to service this charge-hungry technology,” said Joubert.

In view of this demand, ATLASBX batteries for start-stop vehicles are available at a growing number of outlets, including Tiger Wheel & Tyre and ATLASBX-approved dealers throughout Southern Africa.