Beame Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Recovery. Simply Sorted.

Beame is a wireless recovery solution. It is easy to hide, insurance approved, affordable and it comes with a Lifetime Warranty*. Beame can be fitted to any of your moveable assets; car, motorbike, truck, caravan, trailer and even your quad bike. Beame is a availbale national in Sout Africa. Beame is a MiX Telematics brand, a leading global provider of Fleet and Asset Management solutions.

Beame is a phone-in recovery service which means that in the unfortunate event of your vehicle being stolen or hi-jacked, you simply need to contact Beame to report the incident Beame on 0860 BEAME1 (0860 232631). You can also report the theft via the Beame App. The Beame app also allows you to check the battery status of your unit, request an Insurance and more.

Why Beame?

  • Beame is one of the smallest wireless stolen asset recovery systems on the market. This means it’s not connected to your vehicle’s power system and won’t affect its electronics.
  • Beame is lightweight and splash proof, cramming the latest technology and incredible durability into a sleek, smart and oh-so-small design.
    Beame’s battery lasts for a minimum of 3 years.
  • It’s a disposable system, so when your battery runs low, you take your vehicle to your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre to have your Beame replaced. Free of charge*. It’s so affordable and once you’ve subscribed to Beame, you pay monthly in advance for the recovery service.
    Installing a Beame is quick and easy and you will be in and out before you know it. Have it installed while checking your wheel alignment and balancing.
  • For certification of installation purposes, as well as protecting you by not knowing where it is, Beame is installed by our authorised staff.
    Beame is available anywhere in South Africa.

How to subscribe to Beame
Visit your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre and we will take care of the things that are important to you. Have your wheel alignment and balancing checked at the same time.

Read all the *Terms and Conditions.
Beame is approved by the South African Insurance Association, so you will get a Certificate of Installation to provide to your Insurer for a possible discount.

Beame has a Lifetime Warrenty:
Beame has to be installed by our authorized Tiger Wheel & Tyre technicians and remain in the same vehicle it was originally fitted to. If you continuously pay your monthly subscription, you won’t have to worry about repairs to your Beame or replacement at the end of its battery life. We will arrange that you simply take your vehicle to a Tiger Wheel & Tyre and we will install a new Beame – free of charge.

*Terms and Conditions may change – please visit the Beame website for details.