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CoverDrive™ | Tiger Wheel & Tyre

CoverDrive™ plans available from Tiger Wheel & Tyre in South Africa: CoverDrive™ (basic plan) and CoverDrive™ Plus (comprehensive plan) offering services such as Road Accident Fund assistance, roadside protection assistance, vehicle-related reminders, wheel repairs and more. 


Services Overview: 

  • RoadCover™: Road Accident Fund (RAF) assistance.
  • Motor Legal: 24-hour emergency & legal advice line (Plus Plan).
  • RoadGuard: Highly trained armed guard to protect you until your roadside assitance arrives (Plus Plan).
  • Wheel Collision™: SABS accredited wheel (rim) repair facilities.
  • Reminder Service:  Reminders for licence renewal, tyre rotation and more (all options included in Plus Plan).

CoverDrive™ & CoverDrive™ Plus

For a Safer Driving Experience

If safety with matters to you, along getting a handle on the things you can’t always control, then you need CoverDrive™ the exclusive plan from Tiger Wheel & Tyre that has your back when you need it most. Peace of mind comes in two variations: CoverDrive™ (basic plan) and CoverDrive™ Plus (comprehensive plan) and includes services like: Road Accident Fund assistance, roadside protection assistance, vehicle-related reminders, wheel repairs and more.



CoverDrive™ (Basic)

Your basic plan offers these premium services:


1.  RoadCover

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is a public entity established by an Act of Parliament, aimed at providing compensation payments to (1) persons injured, or (2) dependants of deceased persons, in road accidents within South Africa as a result of third party negligence.  However, getting what’s owed to you can be more effort than it’s worth!


RoadCover undertakes to do all administrative management of your claim – halving the time it takes to process your settlement. You get: 

  • Free legal representation
  • Free administration and claims management
  • Free required medico-legal reports
  • Free required loss of support reports
  • Free required actuarial reports for loss of earnings
  • Free accident reconstruction and
  • 100% payout from the RAF – no deductions!  

2.  Wheel Collision™ Club Membership

Finally, a club with tangible benefits. Get access to state-of-the-art wheel repair facilities powered by Wheel Collision™, along with these benefits:

  • Rim Straightening: one rim per annum. (Straighteningof bent and /or buckled rims, which may entail welding and machining, but no polishing or refinishing.)
  • Membership Discounts:
    • 20% discount on balancing and alignment through Tiger Wheel & Tyre
    • 30% discount on any full refurbishment through Wheel Collision™ 

Wheel Collision™ is the only SABS accredited alloy wheel repairer in the country, with real time X-Ray technology to guarantee 100%-wheel integrity. Get while-you-wait wheel straightening service at select Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores.



3.  Reminder Service

Most of us can hardly remember to pick up bread and milk on the way home, let alone buy new tyres or schedule wheel alignment every 10 000km.  Not to mention remembering when last we’ve fitted new tyres, had suspension work done or hit another pothole. It’s a mission impossible! Or is it? Let CoverDrive™ remember for you with this Reminder Service.


With this nifty service providing telephonic reminders every 6 months, you’ll never again forget to replace worn tyres or perform tyre safety service and maintenance.



CoverDrive™ Plus

The comprehensive plan offers all of the above services PLUS these additional benefits:


1.   Legal Support Services

Get the law on your side with access to professional legal support, including:

  • A Legal Advice Line – Know your legal rights when it comes to your money, family, debt, work and criminal problems.
  • Contract Assist – We will help you with professionally written and legally-binding contracts, including:
    • Basic Wills
    • Sale & Lease Agreements
    • Employment Contracts and
    • Debt Acknowledgement
    • Litigation Lifeline – We will help you avoid expensive litigation fees. (When you can’t avoid court).  We have a panel of attorneys on hand to assist members at discounted rates.


2.   RoadGuard

Car broken down or in an accident? Contact our 24/7-crisis centre and we will locate you and dispatch an armed guard to protect you until your roadside assistance arrives. Giving you access to nationwide roadside protection, for your personal safety, due to RoadGuard’s association with 24/7 ASAP.  Included is:

  • Rapid Response - RoadGuard’s nationwide response time to a breakdown situation is on average under 30-minutes.
  • Crisis Management – we’ll manage your entire emergency and contact emergency services on your behalf, via our state-of-the-art crisis centre that operates 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Panic Button – A personal panic button on your cellphone to activate emergency assistance 24 hours a day.
  • Location Tracking – We’ll use your cellphone signal to accurately locate you even if you have no idea where you are.                

Whether you choose basic or comprehensive peace of mind, CoverDrive™ has you covered where and when you need it most.



For more information, visit: http://www.roadcover.co.za/coverdrive/