Each year, as awards season rolls around, Tiger Wheel & Tyre employees eagerly await the results of poll-based awards, countrywide, to see if our efforts have again paid off and earned us the right to say that we again achieved our goal of satisfying customers.

Why is this important? These service awards are not arbitrarily decided by some unknown entity. Instead, they are based on actual customer votes, and winning is therefore a reliable indicator that we’re meeting our customers’ expectations.

The awards are still coming in for 2018 but the results haven’t disappointed, with 11 wins so far, from across the nation. These accolades build on several winning streaks – like winning the Readers’ Choice Awards for the Best Tyre Fitment Store in the Pretoria News and The Star newspapers, for the 14th and 8th consecutive years, respectively, and winning The Times, Sowetan Shopper Survey and the Daily News Your Choice Awards, each for 10 years running. 

For more than 50 years we’ve worked tirelessly to raise the customer service bar. In the past 10 years alone, we’ve won more than 50 awards, making us South Africa’s most award-winning brand in our industry. But no matter how many awards we win, the most important thing for us to win is your trust.