Tiger Wheel & Tyre has added two new products to its X-Sure® Tyre Insurance offering. The X-Sure® Gap and X-Sure® Comprehensive offerings are more than just complementary to the tried and trusted X-Sure® New and X-Sure® Used products; they fill in the blanks to make the X-Sure® range fully rounded and complete.

X-Sure® New is the proven product that is available to customers at selected Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores, upon purchase of new tyres. With this product motorists are insured for a credit of up to a maximum of R3 500 towards the purchase of a new tyre when their insured tyre/s gets damaged and is deemed irreparable. It’s the same with X-Sure® Used, which extends this insurance coverage to vehicle owners who wish to insure the remaining tread depth on their used tyres against irreparable damage.

In both instances, the credit due for an irreparably damaged tyre is calculated by measuring the remaining tread depth on the insured tyre, minus the legal 1mm minimum. This remaining tread is expressed as a percentage credit towards the purchase of the same or a similar tyre.

The freshly launched X-Sure® Gap is an optional product for purchasers of Continental tyres, who qualify for the manufacturer’s free ContiSure Road Hazard Warranty. At the time of purchase, these customers can now add X-Sure® Gap to boost their coverage to include the portion of tread that has already been used, minus the 1mm legal minimum, and up to a maximum credit equal to what the customer paid for the tyre at the time of purchase. This product has a two-year lifespan.

Finally, X-Sure® Comprehensive offers the ultimate peace of mind to vehicle owners, with insurance coverage that pays out a full credit – equal to 100% of the original tyre value/purchase price – towards the purchase of a new tyre to replace the irreparably damaged insured tyre.

“Tyres represent a significant expense for vehicle owners, especially if they opt for quality tyres, but whether you’ve purchased quality or budget tyres, driving on South African roads is a gamble in which you could lose your tyres at any given moment due to road hazards. That’s a disheartening prospect, but thankfully at Tiger Wheel & Tyre it’s one that has an easy solution – simply insure your tyres as you do all your other at-risk assets,” said Group Marketing Executive Joe du Plooy.

Whether you need a little peace of mind or the whole caboodle, X-Sure® Tyre Insurance now has you covered and is available at selected Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores. To learn more and for Terms and Conditions, visit www.twt.to.