Hardworking adults love nothing more than the soothing sounds of tyres on tar, a panoramic view of the open road before them, and the promise of a fun and relaxing holiday at the end of that road. Kids on the other hand don’t love road trips quite so much.

To ensure that all passengers enjoy the ride this festive season, Tiger Wheel & Tyre has put together a holiday games pack for road trippers that can be downloaded, free of charge at the company’s website www.twt.to.

For older passengers, the pack includes a general knowledge questionnaire that’s guaranteed to entertain as well as educate, and the good news for the more competitive families is that there’s a score sheet to determine who’s the weakest link. Younger kids will love ticking off the pictures of things they saw or experienced on their road trip, while forward-thinking parents will do well to ensure that there’s a reward for a completed checklist!

Of course, road trips are only fun and games if the vehicle you’re travelling can be relied upon to make it safely to the destination. To take the guesswork out of this factor, Tiger Wheel & Tyre offers this handy pre-road trip checklist.

•  Check that all tyres, including the spare, have the minimum 1mm legal tread depth and are properly inflated.
•  Have the tyres rotated and checked for balance.
•  Check the wheel alignment.
•  Check all vehicle fluid levels and top-up if necessary.
•  Inspect vehicle lights, indicators, battery, and windshield wipers to see if they’re working or need replacement.
•  Fill up with petrol and make sure the gauge is working.

Once that’s taken care of, all that’s needed to ensure your road trip is a resounding success, is to pack a fully-loaded snack bag, download and print out your Tiger Wheel & Tyre games pack, and arm yourself with patience and a healthy sense of humour.


•  Download 'Things I Did or Saw on Holiday' for kids

•  Download 'General Knowledge Quiz' - roadtrip questions for adults

• Share your #MyTWTHoliday tag @TigerWheelnTyre with a photo of (1) your kids colouring in the kids game or (2) roadtrippers playing the 'General Knowledge Quiz' and share on Twitter or Facebook to stand a chance of winning a Bosch Lithium-ion IXO Generation V Cordless Screwdriver Kit with attachments.


• Terms & Conditions apply: see Tiger Wheel & Tyre FB page.

• Competition ends 7th January 2018 at 14h00.



• Download Things I Did or Saw on Holiday

• Download General Knowledge Quiz