Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Steelmate TP-S3I (Solar)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Steelmate TP-S3I (Solar)

Product Code: TPSI3
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Steelmate TP-S3I (Solar) read more
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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Steelmate TP-S3I (Solar)

- Display the actual tyre pressure and temperature of the 4 tyres on the screen

- Immediate warning to the driver if the tyre pressure is too low or too high and the tyres temperature is high. - The transmission of the signal is through the latest wireless spiral technology. - It is possible to reset the alert levels or to select the default alert levels.

- The display parameters are PSI, kPa or Bars and ° C or ° F.

- Battery life is longer than 3 years.

- Simultaneous display of tyre pressure and temperature information. The sensor connected to the tyre valve is installed inside the tyre, whenever an abnormality is detected, it sends a warning to the vehicle's display. The system will alert the driver when the pressure tyres fall below 23psi and / or tyre temperatures reach 80 ° C.

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