X-SURE® Road Hazard Guarantee

Sign up for the new and improved X-SURE® Road Hazard Guarantee. Don’t be left out of pocket with your irreparable tyre damage.

With the purchase of new tyres add on X-SURE® for a 12- or 24-month period, with a once-off affordable payment. Also available on used tyres.

This X-SURE® Road Hazard Guarantee allows customers to receive a credit towards the purchase of a new replacement tyre/s when suffering irreparable damage to a tyre/s. This is subject to the full terms and conditions of the X-SURE® Road Hazard Guarantee.

Features and Benefits

  • Once-off payment
  • Cover for irreparable tyre damage only
  • No excess
  • No tread usage penalty
  • No cover limits
  • Claim at Tiger Wheel & Tyre (SA only)
  • Easy claim process
  • Stand-alone product
  • Covers tyre brands sold at Tiger Wheel & Tyre
  • 12 or 24 month term options
  • Full credit on replacement price (subject to cover)
  • Limited to replacement price and cover purchased
  • 30 day waiting period for X-SURE® used tyres


X-TRA COVER is an affordable top-up benefit which covers the difference between the replacement value of the tyre/s and the included tyre manufacturer’s road hazard guarantee / warranty*. The maximum benefit is limited to the original purchase price.


You purchased tyres with an included manufacturer’s road hazard guarantee / warranty and suffer irreparable damage on one of the tyres. Your tyre started out with 8mm tread; your damaged tyre has 7mm tread remaining. If the underlying manufacturer’s guarantee / warranty offers a credit of 75% of the original purchase price, X-TRA COVER will pay the remaining 25%. The benefit will be paid as a credit towards the purchase of a replacement tyre from Tiger Wheel & Tyre (within South Africa).

*Examples : ContiSure Road Hazard Warranty and Bridgestone Tyre Damage Guarantee

X-TRA COVER is only available with the purchase of new 4×4, SUV & light commercial tyres with a qualifying manufacturer’s road hazard guarantee / warranty*

Download T’s & C’s here.

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