McGard Wheel Locks

Let’s set the scene – you visit Tiger Wheel & Tyre and spot the absolute perfect set of wheels. Knowing that they may just be a little over your budget, you indulge in the purchase anyway, because you work hard and deserve to spoil yourself!

Proud of your new purchase that perfectly complements your ride, you delightfully drive around the city showing them off to anyone who would give them a second look as you drive by…

Now imagine having those dream wheels stolen! Frustrating. Inconvenient. Regrettable!

Why Choose McGard

McGard wheel locks are designed to prevent theft by locking the wheel in place with a uniquely patterned lug nut.

McGard is an easy-to-use, one-piece lock-and-key system. The wheel locks are made from chrome-plated through-hardened steel, making them virtually indestructible.

This is how the system works

One regular lug nut is replaced by a McGard wheel lock.

It functions like a regular lug nut but needs a special key to be fitted and removed.

Each wheel lock is unique, making it impossible to remove without its matching key.

McGard is designed to fit most vehicles and ever-evolving technology means they’re continually being refined and improved.