How to buy the right tyre

The tyres you choose today are a critical factor in the quality of your overall driving experience and you could live with that choice for several years. Whatever type of vehicle you drive, tyres make a big difference in how your vehicle feels, and how it handles.

What category of tyre do you need?

  • Start with your last set of tyres. Were you happy with them? If not, what was wrong with them?
  • You need to consider your driving habits, as well as the climate where you live.
  • The more questions you ask yourself the easier it will be to pick a tyre type.

What size do you need?
The appropriate tyre size for your car can be found in the owner’s manual or on a placard located somewhere in your vehicle, usually on the door section, door post, glove box, or fuel door of your vehicle.

Consider factors such as load-carrying capacity of the tyre, as well as traction and tread wear.

Your local Tiger Wheel & Tyre can help. Learning to read a tyre’s sidewall can also open up a wealth of information.

Will they look good?
Don’t overlook looking at the tyres; do you like the way they look? Do they go with your car? Aesthetics are an important criterion.