Original Equipment Tyres (OE)

Original Equipment Tyre Markings | Southern Africa

Original equipment (OE) markings are located on your tyre’s sidewall. View the manufacturer key for Southern Africa below.

Only tyres specifically developed for a specific vehicle make and/or model will have OE markings once the tyres meet the performance requirements of the vehicle manufacturer. Tyre specifications are unique to each manufacturer as they follow the brand’s philosophy and DNA of the vehicle. OE tyres are fitted to new vehicles on the assembly line.

Manufacturer OE-Key

  • Audi: AO, AO1, AOE
  • Audi Quattro: RO1, RO2, RO3
  • Alfa Romeo: AR
  • Bentley: B
  • BMW: *
  • BMW / Mercedes: *MO
  • BMW / Mercedes Runflat: *MOE
  • Ferrari: K1, K2, K3
  • Jaguar: J
  • Lamborghini: L
  • Land Rover: LR
  • Land Rover & Jaguar: JLR
  • Lotus: LS
  • Maserati: MGT
  • Maserati & Jaguar: MGT J
  • McLaren: MC
  • Mercedes-Benz: MO, MO1
  • Mercedes-Benz Runflat: MOE
  • Porsche: N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6
  • Tesla: T0, T1, T2
  • Volvo: VOL

OE Tyres
OE tyres are part of the vehicles design and gives optimal driving performance. Orignal equipment tyres are part of the vehicle’s engineering process and has a direct impact on the car’s comfort and handling.

Replacing OE Tyres
Note that replacing one or two tyres instead of replacing all four tyres at the same time, will make the vehicle feel and perform different.

Tread patterns are designed to provided different comfort levels in terms of road noise, braking performance, cornering ability, wet & dry grip and terrain requirements. It’s important to choose the tread pattern that will best suit your driving style and needs and to select the correct tyre size, speed rating and load index for your vehicle.

Tyre Rotation, Wheel Balancing & Alignment
Don’t forget to rotate, balance and align every 8 000km – 10 000km and maintain the correct tyre pressure in order for your tyres to last longer.

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