Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Align your wheels for longer-lasting tyres

Tyres need looking after in order for them to last. One way to care for them is to check your car’s wheel alignment regularly – and not just when you feel a shudder or a shake.

When a wheel is not aligned, other wheels have to work harder to drag the misaligned wheel. This can cause a number of problems, like:

  • A directional pull on your steering wheel, forcing you to counter-steer.
  • Uneven tyre wear.
  • Future mechanical problems.

What can you do about it?
Visit one of our wheel alignment centres, and a qualified alignment technician will make sure that all your wheels are correctly aligned to the road – and to each other.

This is done by checking and perfecting these three wheel alignment angles:

  • Camber angle: the angle at which wheels are tilted in or out in relation to the top of the tyre.
  • Toe angle: the angle at which the leading edge of a pair of wheels points towards (“toe-in”) or away from (“toe-out”) each other.
  • Caster angle: the angle between the pivot line to the upper ball joint and vertical. This angle affects how your steering wheel will return to its position after completing a turn.

Wheel Balancing

Balance your wheels
Regardless of how well or how little you drive, tyres do eventually wear down over time. It is unlikely that they’ll wear down evenly, and this can cause:

  • Changes in the mass of rubber on your tyres.
  • A weight imbalance.
  • The steering wheel to shimmy and shake.

Despite advanced rubber compounds and manufacturing processes, even new tyres need to be balanced sometimes.

What can you do about it?
Get the best out of your tyres by making sure that they are all properly balanced. During wheel balancing, one of our technicians will:

  • Mount each tyre to its rim, and inflate it to the correct air pressure.
  • Fit a new valve stem.
  • Using a special machine, find the imbalance and determine its severity.
  • Balance the wheel by affixing wheel balancing weights to the rim.
  • Spin the wheel on the machine again to make sure it is correctly balanced.

Wheel balancing, wheel alignment & tyre rotation should be done every 10 000kms or once per annum. Visit your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre today.

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